Low budget filmmaking tricks from the past and future— podcaster, cinematographer-editor & NOLA native GREG TILTON joins us to talk about Rian Johnson's third film LOOPER (2012) starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt. Big budget(-ish) action film that's secretly a scrappy indie, it shot in New Orleans because they didn't need set-dec to make it look like a dystopian future. Has ~7 locations but also shot on location in Shanghai. Plus time travel effects from 1889. Lots to dig into.

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Recorded 4/27/20. Show Index: Bang for the buck • Drugs & jargon • JGL • Budget • China • Primer • Concept • Set pieces • Genre-shifting • Finale • Locations • Door frames & buys • FirestarterStar WarsDark Phoenix • Power levels • Comics • Scale & Emotion • Hiding the reveal • The Short • "Code 8" • New Orleans • Ethnic Allegories

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