Raised in New Orleans and seasoned in Los Angeles, local filmmaker Stanley B. Gill joins us to discuss KING OF HERRINGS, the New Orleans-shot 2013 drama from Eddie Jemison and Sean Richardson, starring a murderer's row of great character actors: David Jensen, Eddie Jemison, Wayne Peré, Joe Crest, Laura Lamson, Andrea Frankle, and John Mese.

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Recorded 5/6/20. Show index: Non-Euclidean geometry • Origins: drama school reunion • Chemistry • Taking big swings • Black & white cinematography • "Chernobyl" accents • Putting character actors in lead roles • Discovering the Michaels: Shannon & B. Jordan • Casting in New Orleans • King of New Orleans • Character as concept • Schizopolis • Big ideas, small scale • Original blog review • Poker & gambling • "Wrong Day" stories • Creativity > money

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