New Orleans editor-filmmaker John H. Beyer IV on Werner Herzog and a small zoo's worth of animals in 2009's (THE) BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS, a film straight from the heyday of Hollywood South. Nicolas Cage chews the scenery with "blue privilege," while local character actors desperately try to keep him in line. Politics ensue as we cover everything from the NOPD to the white gaze to Trump to iguanas.

VOTE on whether BAD LIEUTENANT PoCNO is "essential NOLA cinema"

Recorded 5/17/20. Show index: New Orleans "authenticity" • White privilege • That title • Tales of Hollywood South • First impressions • Werner in Hollywood • The Herzog app • 80's cop vibes • Geography • Development • Reptiles • Drugs • Moving it here • Nic Cage: director • NOPD approval • Opiates • Katrina films • "Treme" • Time & Laundry Day • Cops on the run • "Sledge Hammer!" • Unearned coda • Bad sergeant • Fairuza Balk • Local cast • Man in a maelstrom • The white gaze/NOPD • "The Wire in New Orleans" • Extra Ordinary 

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