At long last, the Hollywood South episode! New Orleans producer extraordinaire & longtime crew member Jonathan Wood joins us to discuss his first crew job on THE BIG SHORT, the Academy Award-winning true story of the 2007 housing market collapse that started the global recession. Director Adam Mackay surprised with his departure from broad comedy, whereas Wood surprised by turning his PA job into a staggering run of producing successful New Orleans-made shorts and features. Plus tales from the sets of THE BIG SHORT, GREEN BOOK, A QUIET STORM, JAY & SILENT BOB REBOOT, LAUNDRY DAY, BURNING ANNIE, and the LEH/Deep South grant-winning short "Plaquemines."

New Orleans people, A QUIET STORM is playing Chalmette Theaters this week July 3-9… Tickets on sale now!

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Recorded 5/26/20. Show index: The Production Department • Getting that 1st job • New Orleans as anywhere • A.D.s • The Future of extras • DGA • Budget & cast • Celebrities everywhere • The book • The script • The cutting room floor • Shooting in Harrah's casino • Chainsmoking cameo, FOLD, & local casting • Shared universe with LOGAN? • A Quiet Storm • NOVAC & post-Katrina training • The Bozo problem • Laundry Day crew catch-22 • Indie producing in New Orleans • Kevin Smith & indie spirit • Nickel and diming • Education gap • Square -1 • Above the Line • Deliverables • Burning Annie 1st AD story • New Orleans indie problems • Advice: -Mix & mingle -Be realistic -Share with filmmakers

Jonathan WoodA Quiet StormThe Reward9th Ward Justice"Plaquemines"


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