Musician-writer-actor-rapper-filmmaker Nicholas Pino joins us to discuss EASY RIDER, the era-defining counter-cultural juggernaut starring Peter Fonda, directed by, co-written by, and co-starring Dennis Hopper, and financed by "Monkees money." Nick was in pre-production on his feature film debut BOSCO when COVID-19 stopped the world, a job acquired on the strength of his music videos, commercials, web series, and the great short film "The Funeral Band." The conversation between two South American-American screenwriters covers everything from the death of the counter-culture to the death of Captain America to the death of America itself, plus loads of insight into the filmmaking process.

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Recorded 6/11/20. Show index: Podcasts • Pies • Music Film • Sound-alikes • Movie music • Groundbreakers • Taking risks • Mardi Gras '68 • Hopper & Fonda • Chaos as a plan • The Corman Effect • End of the 60s • Terry Southern • Structure & sound mix • Director Hopper • Redneck threats • Jack Nicholson • Time • End of the American Empire • Idealism • Polar opposites • Electric horses • Faces & the New Wave • Homogenization • D.I.Y. • Musician-Actors • Film=Hip-Hop • Nick's debut feature • Screenwriting • L.A. • LatinX diversity • Mardi Gras & capitalism • BOSCO & "Brown Gringo" • Jermaine Quiz • "British Quarter Hustler"

Nicholas Pino • "The Funeral Band" • Jealous MonkDumbSmart Industries


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