The Godfather of Cajun Cinema meets the King of Rock n' Roll… New Orleans history comes alive in the hands of GLEN PITRE, renowned filmmaker and leader of The Old Firehouse production facility. 1958's KING CREOLE remains the greatest Elvis movie ever made, produced and directed by the team who made CASABLANCA. Real locations, fake apartments, gangsters, showgirls, prostitutes, thugs, and (omg) narratively-motivated singing.

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Recorded 5/4/20. Show index: Glen in New Orleans • Not an "Elvis film" • Street cart culture • Sets vs Locations • The Novel • Casting Elvis • Bourbon Mafia • New Orleans immigration history • Yellow Fever • Independent means & tone • End of the road • Cold War allegory • Lyrical storytelling • New Orleans films • 50's issues • Bourbon St films • Cabaret stigma • Bad dates • Detail power • The villain • Grittiness • Old Firehouse news • Roger Ebert & regional filmmaking • Glen's final thoughts • Glen's final final thoughts

Glen PitreGlen's new book "Advice From the Wicked"


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